Chrisean Rock's Facetime Call Sparks Intrigue With A Mystery Man

Chrisean Rock’s Facetime Call Sparks Intrigue With A Mystery Man

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Chrisean Rock’s facetime call with a mystery man, shows that she has chosen to embrace happiness and distance herself from the drama surrounding her baby’s father, Blueface, as she made it known on social media.

The “Crazy in Love” star took to her Instagram story on Sunday (October 8) to share her interaction with someone new.

“Who else loves a guy with dimples/tats [weary face emoji],” she wrote alongside a screenshot from a FaceTime call with a man.

It was however revealed in Chrisean Rock’s facetime call that the man’s face is partially obscured.

But he appears to bear a resemblance to the rapper known for “Thotiana.”

While Chrisean Rock and Blueface have moved on from each other, they remain connected through their son, Chrisean Malone Jr., who recently underwent successful hernia surgery.

On Friday (October 6), Rock posted a video on Instagram featuring herself and her son in a hospital room, announcing the successful completion of his hernia surgery.

“Papa, you’re so handsome @chriseanmalone.jr, you’re recovering so fast [teary face emoji],” she captioned the post.

In the previous month, Blueface faced criticism for sharing an inappropriate and subsequently deleted photo of his son’s genitals, later explaining that it was because the child required hernia surgery.

“I had to go because I guess the baby has a little hernia or something. I didn’t make the birth because she didn’t invite me. She didn’t let me know anything.

She was just doing some Instagram stuff, so I was like, ‘Alright, how am I supposed to arrange myself to just get over there?’

“The communication wasn’t there for me to end up there. I just gave her a little bit of time to feel it out, then she finally tells me the baby has a hernia and he’s gonna have surgery or whatever.

It’s nothing major, just regular stuff. And I was like, ‘Oh, damn,’ so that’s really why I went out there.”

Meanwhile, Chrisean Rock faced accusations that her son was suffering from fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS), which she disputed with a statement about her baby’s health.

“My baby is healthy. They would have told me if he had symptoms. Just because that picture wasn’t that cute doesn’t mean [inaudible] you can post my baby on the internet.

That’s wild. Now my baby father is bitter. He’s doing bitter stuff now because I liked something about my ex being the baby’s father. But I’m only doing stuff because that hurt. Forget you.”

She continued…

“You posted my son’s genitals. Yeah, so I’m trolling. You want to join a troll with my ex just because you’re embarrassed – it’s embarrassing.

What’s the point in trolling with my ex, bruh? Then leave us alone for real. Stop calling for real. I know that’s you from no caller I.D. who keeps calling.”