Chris Brown Sounds Deeply On YBN Robbery Attack

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Chris Brown Sounds Deeply On YBN Robbery Attack

The Internet is has grip their phone, following the awful incident that happened last weekend. Almighty Jay was attacked by some group of gang, beat him up as well claim power over his chains.

Many peer in hip-hop are seriously weighing in and after his manager J.Prince hopped in, by tapping some male and female rappers to help and smash out those locals that made away with Jay’s stuffs. Chris Brown is now joining the positive assailants in figuring those folks. Although he spoke positively just to cover the culture.

“I REALLY WOULD LOVE TO SEE THIS BLACK YOUTH UNDERSTAND THE CAPABILITIES in compassion, empathy, love, RESPECT, humility, laughter, selflessness,” Breezy wrote. “(INTELLIGENCE) WE BARELY HAVE ANY ETHNIC LEADERS THAT Appeal TO THE CULTURE OF CHANGING OUR PERCEPTION OF WHAT WE THINK THIS LIFE EXPERIENCE IS. GANGS STRUCTURES SHOULD DO WHAT THEY ORIGINATED FOR…. protect the people and citizens within these communities who are so decensitized by shock, PAIN, and emptiness!!!!” Chris Brown said on Instagram.

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