Chris Brown imitates Michael Michael Jackson in his ‘indigoat’ tour photos

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Chris Brown is one of the moated talented artists in the planet. He is known for his amazing dance steps, voice, and also drawings in some way. The Virginia born singer has impacted the music industry both pop wise and hip hop wise.

Chris Brown’s ‘Indigoat’ tour has kicked off and fans are super excited about it. Tickets has been sold out and fans are really enjoying the artist talent and infectious energy.

Chris Brown is emulating the king of pop,Micheal Jackson in many ways and we can tell he is making a great milestone. Chris Brown uploaded so many pictures of himself imitating Michael Jackson in more than one ways and his fans are proud of him.

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Chris Brown rocked a varsity jacket and a fedora on his head. He reminds us of a Great legend, Michael Jackson who will for ever remain the same in our hearts. He photos got fans making comments like ‘”Michael would be proud Cause you won’t let his name die.” The fan wrote.

Chris Brown’s actions are really encouraging and we are happy to put in our best to support chris brown for acknowledging the legends before him.

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