Chris Brown Daughter Dance Drake’s Toosie Slide – Watch

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Chris Brown Daughter Dance Drake's Toosie Slide - Watch

Chris Brown and Drake might’ve rooted out difference yet more prove is literally another way to demonstrate how bestest they’re.

Drake surfaced on Amahiphop April hip-hop videos with Toosie Slide entry as one of the top music video Amahiphop compiled so far for the month. Sure Toosie Slide, currently Drake is getting wide array of notoriety with Toosie Slide.

There more likes over the Tik-Tok hit which has completely taken over the web with different participants following the instructive tune to perform the move. Chris Brown daughter, Royalty, found fondness on the same song meanwhile showing her Toosie Slide dance steps isn’t suprise but Chris Brown assisted.

Both breezy and Royalty are inside kitchen were everything about their Toosie Slide dance was demonstrated specially Royalty is killing it. Watch below.

Chris Brown and Drake signed peace using No Guidance song and buried their peace. While Drake readies new album this year 2020, Amahiphop believes both parties linking up is already done.

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