Chris Brown and Ammika Sparks Engagement with Ring and 2020 Album

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Chris Brown Aeko photos

Chris Brown 2020 has been signaled. This year rumours float around internet to awake Ammika hidden pregnancy but at least Chris Brown was reported welcoming fresh baby. Same the year Chris Brown and Ammika welcomed new born baby whose name is called Aeko.

Aeko is Chris Brown first son and Royalty his first child also his first daughter meaning the Indigo crooner has been served with two children Aeko and Royalty. Is something of Joy and Chris Brown is using every moment to show his fans his new member of the family. He took to Instagram to with Aeko and it looks like fans have been observing Chris Brown next movement.

Sharing on Instagram, the controversial singer was happily displaying Aeko with his fingers lying on Aeko’s back. Some fans who are good in investigation conduct quickly identifies Brown as already  engaged and probably with Ammika. While  his fingers lying on the baby, there was Diamond ring on one of his fingers and cause seriously speculation indicating Chris Brown is engaged with Ammika. Check the post shared on Instagram below.

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Chris Brown new Instagram post has gotten both Twitter some other media expressing related opinions. “Pause Chris brown got a ring on his wedding finger 😒😒like did I miss something,” tweeted one fan, while another added, “so you mean to tell me chris brown done had 2 babies on me now he’s engaged too??”

But following all the speculation, Chris decided to turn off the comments on the Instagram post.

Sure Chris and and Ammika will definitely engage on full co-parent for both Aeko and Royalty. Chris Brown and Ammika dating didn’t start this year but both parties has being this inner doing even as of the pregnancy, it was kept wrap still baby bump shows up.

The engagement rumors follow an on and off relationship between Brown and Harris. They supposedly broke up prior to Aeko’s birth, but may have rekindled their romance. Chris was supposedly dating model Indyamarie following the breakup, but that relationship has since ended.

Aeko and Royalty are being manage by different mother but same father. Nia Guzman was the first woman with Royalty while Harris. Ammika mother Aeko.

But upon all the good news, Chris Brown is also hitting next year with a follow-up to Indigo. Chris Brown is celebrating his new baby with new album shedulded to debut by next. He seeks the album title from breezy team. Sure let there be a response for the album as we awaits it all by 2020.

Chris Brown baby photo

Meanwhile Chris Brown has been added to new 2020 album. This project haven’t no title cover or tracklist but hopefully we are expecting it by next year. It also reminds me about R9 album which updated yest by Rihanna. Chris Brown and Rihanna are dropping new album next year if only R9 didn’t hit streaming this December. According to RIHANNA her album is ready and she’s the only one listening to it right now.

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