Chance the rapper says “Acid rap” is the best Album of all time

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Chance the rapper puts his 2013 mix tape “Acid rap” the best album of all time. Chance the rapper just realesed his album, “The big day”.  On Aug 02, during his interview with Apple music’s Zane Lowe, He talked about making a GOAT project. He says,

When I first started working on [The Big Day]; the concept, the theme,” Chance started. “Okay, we have school, we have acid, we have faith and family, and then the fourth one—really the first one—the concept was best album of all time. And that’s not really a good concept to make music. It gives you no direction.”

He also added, “Some of the questions I had to ask myself is like, you know, ‘What would make the greatest album? If I was to find the greatest album sitting on the ground outside, and it was actually in fact the greatest album, what would it be?’ It would be made out of diamonds. It would be nostalgic but futuristic. You can’t have the greatest album without a shit ton of love songs. All the best albums have love songs. It’s not all about me and my journey, how fast I can rap, stuff like that. It’s about love and stuff like that. And, most of all, you have to be able to dance to it. The best album of all time, to me, is not something that I have to listen to with reading glasses.”

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