Cardi B Wants Casey Anthony to Feel Guilty
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Cardi B is a woman who wants every mother to know the importance of their children. But anytime she sees it go wrong then she’s likely to speak up. Cardi B wants Casey Anthony to feel Guilty and she has offered her stance.

Is Casey Anthony feeling guilty right now? Because Cardi B came for her recently on social media. Casey who was acquitted of murdering her own two years daughter became Cardi B Twitter trend on December 5 2022.

The Up rapper has always felt Casey has something in connection with the 2yrs daughter Caylee. Caylee die in 2018 and according to prosecutors Antony used duct tape over her daughter’s face. Covering her nose and mouth caused Caylee to suffocate and led her to death.

But Anthony Casey was then charged with murder although later found not guilty. However it is now, Cardi B still maintains Anthony has a lot over Casey’s death and what brought Cardi B back to Anthony’s attention is new docuseries Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies,

Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies series is currently on its season 1. She is telling her side story about the murder of Caylee. Was launched on Nov. 29th and upon being the American most hated mom someone like Cardi B wants to be jailed.

From what Cardi B shared on Twitter, she won’t want to know how the killing of Caylee was discharged under the umbrella of not guilty to Anothy Casey. But she left some words for her.

“I don’t give a deum how they flip it ,switch it,turn it ,toss it Casey Anthony is a disgrace of a mother and she shouldn’t have a uterus.I don’t feel bad for her or for the daddy YALL KNOW WHAT HAPPENED to that baby !!!!”

Cardi B also believes that no matter how Anthony tries to convince the world of her innocent, she’s still guilty of murdering Caylee. The hated woman is trying her best to the world know she didn’t killed her own daughter. Her new doc-series is more of saying her husband is responsible for their daughter’s death.

You might want to watch the short film below.