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Cardi B Responds to Unfollowing Quavo and Takeoff Claims

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It just happened suddenly and everybody was all these surprise about what would have caused Offset and Cardi B taking a break. Now Cardi B has to respond to claims about her allegedly act.

Over the past years the Migos has been leaving so brotherhood to each other. Since 2008, the triple rapper formed this group and it became lite to date. Now, if they gearing up to call quite, that’s what fans do really understand.

Lately a lot speculations have been roaming after Offset whose real name is Kiari Kendrell Cephus took it upon himself to take break from his Migos brothers.

Not really that Offset has responded to folks claiming the rapper has hit the unfollow button against Takeoff and Quavo. But Cardi B was also attached though Cardi B has spoken about it looks like.

Unfollowing Quavo and Takeoff is a real notable beef. But Offset hasn’t made any comment following the unfollowing swirling about him to the two Migos resident rappers. Cardi B could be more curious about current headline trending online.

Cardi B responded on Twitter writing, “I should of did a screen recording of the pages I unfollowed cause now I’m trying to follow back and don’t remember the @ names,” Cardi B shared on Twitter.

Cardi B response has shown that she unfollowed some persons which she can’t even remember and she’s trying to follow back but can’t remember the names.

Cardi B’s response to her unfollowing the two Migos rappers wasn’t clear enough to most people. Was that an intentional act after her husband did the same? Well, we can’t say exactly what happened but Cardi B has confirmed she unfollowed some account names she can’t remember to follow back.

However, the possibility of Migos breaking up is 80% certain since both Takeoff and Quavo have moved on to a new song without Offset. Offset unfollowing his Migos brothers and his Migos brother releasing a new song without him has shown the split is real.

A video shared on Wednesday by Quavo teases a song with the duo.

“Unc and Phew”, the song’s caption says.

“Road trip to the Hotel Lobby Friday,” Quavo captioned a teaser for the song called “Hotel Lobby.”

Takeoff’s page also reflected the song promoting the uncle and nephew collab.