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Cardi B Reaction to Rolling Stone Greatest Album List: Watch

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Cardi B can accept her Invasion Of Privacy when it comes to the greatest female album. Putting the album at it should be is what she really wants but trying to set her up. Cardi B reaction to Rolling stone’s 200 greatest albums of all time is what Cardi B can even close her eyes and throw it out. She believed they have over-hyped her above other traditional hip-hop album.

According to what she said during her new interview on Angela Yee’s Lip Service, Cardi B is not actually feeling good after they placed her Invasion Of Privacy on the greatest 200 albums of all. To Cardi B Rollingstone set her up for put her album on the list before Nas and other merited hip-hop albums.

Has has to clear her self up and give respect to those who deserved it. She understood how most will wants her album to stay relevant ahead of her rival. But Cardi B called out Rolling for foul play despite putting her 2018 album as No. 16 on the greatest albums of all time. Waiting the interview below, you will see how she talked about the list that even got her dragged out online.

Just like we said, Cardi B can be listed as part best female rappers alive with the classic album. Maybe she valued it when you compare her with fellow gender than setting her up for drag-out on the list of heavy hip-hop albums. Sure, Cardi B has claimed in the interview that they set her up using the 200 greatest albums of all time. It is like mocking her.

“They was dragging me like ‘How dare them put Cardi before Nas,” she said around the interview’s 52-minute mark. “I was like, oh my goodness. I just woke up and I’m getting my ass dragged. I didn’t even ask for this.”

“I understand that but it’s like, b*tch, I ain’t motherf*cking ask for it,” she added. “You know, I understand that people feel a certain type of way. But don’t try to disrespect me or my work or my album because your mother was listening to my sh*t, your b*tch was driving, listening to f*cking ‘Be Careful.’ All y’all b*tches, all y’all hoes. So it’s like, don’t even try it.”

You can check Rollingstone‘s 200 greatest albums of all time and see how the list was arranged. Cardi B reaction to Rolling Stone albums is not the only one we have seen after the release of the painful list. Meek Mill was also not happy about the list and had also left a response to the media outlet for not knowing Hop hop.

Cardi B has shared her first song of 2022 Hot Shit featuring Lil Durk and Kanye Weat. The song is also expected to appear on her upcoming album.