Cardi B Exchanges Best Shots with Rah Ali, Nicki Minaj Closet
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Cardi B Exchanges Best Shots with Rah Ali, Nicki Minaj Closet

Few days ago I was asking why Nicki Minaj is extremely dumb since Pandemic onslaught. However, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj‘s closet whose name is Rah Ali recent ducked it with our Grammy woman. 

It was a blast lately and Cardi B who took measures at Rah Ali in no way poking fun with her over fake tweet Rah Ali was trending online. Cardi B isn’t cool with fake tweet and since she observed some mix-up about a fake tweet that was going around at one point so when she saw the social media page for Rah’s radio show ‘ItsOnSite’ share the same tweet that she already clarified was not authentic, she was peeved off, to say the least, as anyone would be.

“I understand b***es don’t like me but to put a whole fake tweet about me trying to start S**t,” she said. Rah Ali then responded to Cardi directly by mentioning her on Twitter. She immediately drew the petty card when she went for the usual go-to cheating husband jab at Cardi – how original.

“Let’s not talk about husbands because I will put your whole situation on blast,” Cardi retorted. However, Rah maintained that she was here for the fight replying, “Ouuu baby, lets do it,” she wrote. “Your lame friend already ATTEMPTED that, my union is SOLID. So please, give it your best shot, so I can make a complete mockery out of you.”


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