Cardi b 2022 songs

Cardi B 2022 Songs and Videos

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Have Cardi B dropped any new album? Well the answer remains no because since her Invasion Of Privacy, she never deliver any further album till date. Cardi B 2022 songs and videos, though she has been getting few attention from fellow peers in the U.S music industry and today, this page will only be where you can watch all of Cardi B new 2022 music videos.

Last year, Cardi B made appearance with some collaboration and even dropped standalone singles. Cardi B 2021 songs includes Up, Bet It, Rumors, Wild Side, Type Shit, Big Paper and Bitter. These mentioned songs are Cardi B’s 2021 song. However, Cardi B, last year only dropped two solo song which are Up and Bet It. Other ones are features from other artists to her.

DJ Khaled, Lizzo, Normani and Migos are artists who Cardi B collaborated in 2021 just on different songs. Cardi B whose net worth is $24 million is been one of the best female rapper who gain more notoriety since her inception. More of her songs and album are so much expected yet she continues to impress her fans with new songs and collaboration.

Now it’s 2022, below are Cardi B’s new 2022 music videos so far. But Cardi B has not dropped any solo single of her own since 2022. She only has assisted few collaborations which have welcomed official videos as well. Also, this page will help you to listen, watch or get more updates about Cardi B 2022 songs and videos of 2022.

No Love

Cardi B is still taking her responsibilities with Offset her husband. While she takes care of her new born baby boy who who actually grown big, Cardi B didn’t reject to join Summer Walk on new song No Love featuring SZA also. No Love is song from Summer Walker and was released same this year from her Still Over It. The album featured SZA as the second guest.

Three of them also appeared on the official video which was the first music video of Cardi B in 2022. It’s a cool video but also note that this song was initially released with Cardi B. She only came in as remix and then get more lucky with the video also. Cardi surprisingly opens the track singing before switching into her infamous cadence, gliding back and forth between two tones as she raps about loyalty and revenge.

Shake It

Cardi B has come to work despite her new baby. She is giving attention to those who really want to work with her and here again she has join Kay Flock on a new song Shake It. Shake It has been trending online previously before it officially get released lately few hours ago. It is the second song featuring Cardi B also the second video song of Cardi B since 2022. Meanwhile, you can simply add Shake It as part of Cardi B 2022 songs and videos. Watch it below.

Shake It welcomes artists like drill MC Kay Flock, Dougie B and Bory300. Is a simple tack that helped them to unleash their respective rap skills and showcase more beautiful moves in the video. The video was directed by Jochi Saca and features a cameo from B-Lovee. The Elias Beats-produced song samples Akon’s track “Banaza (Belly Dancer),” making great use of the 2005 track. This is the second video Cardi B has shared since 2022 and we hope you watch more below as soon as new song videos get released.

We are looking for Cardi B to drop her new album which she never officially made through. But Cardi B has always claimed she is working on a new album for the last few years.

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