Boosie Badazz Warns Kanye West To Talking About Darke

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Who else didn’t know how bitter Drake and Kanye West have been in the past. Love it or loath Kanye West still can’t lift those words about Drake. He always has something to say about the OVO.

While Kanye West actually doing his best both on presidential bide, his Christian transformation and lot more, YE also has words for Drake and J. Cole. If you have been following Kanye West them headlines you probably came across rapper demanding an apology from J. Cole and Drake.

But what exactly is the cause of West calling out the two traditional hip-hop rappers lately. However, Kanye West wasn’t such happy after J. Cole and Drake dodged his request to have a meeting with Jay-Z meanwhile he seeks apology from both.

Sure Kanye is basically looking for Drake to hop on but looks like Boosie Badazz is doing that for Drake. The Lousiana has said it out. He thinks West Jealous of Drake. “[Kanye West] WHY U CANT KEEP DRAKE OUT YO MOUTH BRA IM GO SAY IT #stophatin #stophatin smh YOU SHOWING STR8 JEALOUSY N YOU AINT EVEN GOTTA DO THAT U RICH RICH NI**A SMH,” Lil Boosie tweeted on Friday.

Kanye West haven’t respond to Boosie warning him to stay clear from Drake, but we are still hopping to see where Kanye West is going to address Bodazz saying he is jealous of Drake

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