Boosie Badazz Charged With Drug and Weapon Felonies

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Boosie Badazz Charged With Drug and Weapon Felonies

Boosie Badazz was arrested back in April 8. Although the update wasn’t existing here on Amahiphop but we got fresh update regarding new Boosie developed convict. Needless to say Badazz is such wrench rapper, Gangsta with extensive threat. His arrest stems from April as said which means he has been under misdemeanor before his run-in with America Airport.

He couldn’t get ride off after the cops tried to stop him and his bodyguard at Coweta County, on Monday 8 daylight. Both Bossie and his guard turned themselves to police after an investigation conduct on their white Dodge Charger swerving lanes and nearly sideswiping another vehicle.

The area police discovered some questionable materials, a marijuana, loaded 9mm firearm along with bunch of dollars (in  a bag) inside the vehicle. Boosie was the chief wheel while bodyguard sat at the back seat as they encounter pullover incident by the cops.

Steve Gehlbach shared us photos, depicting all mentioned implication, gun, money and marijuana also with bullets. Those are reasons the rapper and his bodyguard whose name is Antonio Allen got arrested. Check out Boosie Badazz gun, marijuana and money below.

Boosie Badazz and Bodyguard photos

Steve said both Bazazz whose real name is Torrence Hatch Jr and his friend Allen are prepared to post a $3,500 bond.

“Rapper “Boosie Badazz” and Antonio Allen (claimed he’s bodyguard and confirmed NOT the former NFL player) arrested on drug and gun charges after traffic stop in Coweta County,” he wrote. “Both getting ready to post $3,500 bond. We just got update from Sheriff and will have Live report at 12p.” Steve twitted.

Boosie is one of well known trademark felon rapper. Yet again the rapper keep breaking the law upon his 2009 convict. His recent issue nabbed him $3,500 bond according source to Amahiphop.

TMZ to use that Boosie Badazz has a new felonies, as a matter of his April 8 problem. Two charges labled as drugs and weapons arrest.

The District Attorney in Coweta County hit the Baton Rouge-bred rapper with possession of less than an ounce of marijuana and possession of a controlled substance, charges the state of Georgia takes extremely seriously. The firearms possession charge, however, was dropped. DX.

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