Blacks Are oppressed, Koffee Leave Response On George Floyd’s Death

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Blacks Are oppressed, Koffee Leave Response to George Floyd Death

The death of George Floyd continue to grow with what really happened and what exactly is racist as blacks has been filtering, uttering related verbals at officers accused of perciving racist against George who was held down on neck after been accused on counterfeit.

Amahiphop as well has been taking response under it’s base and is obvious both Dancehall artists are weighing in at George Floyd pass away. 

Justice ! Justice!! Justice!! for George, the Jamaican official Koffee is probably yelling in favour of late Floyd. Remember there’s slew of hip-hop panthers as mentioned, who have already spoken on perspective views, of what George’s untimely death characterized as and what it can be called.

Well, Koffee isn’t up in arms although audible enough on social media where she recently shared her own protest. The 20-year-old reggae sensation rallied the troops to unite and fight against oppression and injustice affecting black people all over the world for decades. With no desperation attached she’s really wants Justice for George Floyd. Check out below.

“As we witness the constant injustice towards our brothers and sisters, we must stand together,” Koffee wrote. “I may be young, but I can fully feel the weight of the decades of oppression and abuse towards not only Black Americans, but Black people all over the world. Let George Floyd’s life be not in vein. We must fight for freedom and fight against injustice. We are all in this together. None of us are free until all of us are free. #georgefloyd,” as shared on Instagram.

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