Birdman & Juvenile Shares New Song Feat. ‘Ride Dat’ Lil Wayne

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Birdman & Juvenile Shares New Song Feat. 'Ride Dat' Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne has always been remarkable fixture over decades old and rolling along with his boss is abundantly an honor despite squeezed off melee.

Birdman and Juvenile reunite with Lil Wayne on a new song Ride Dat. This song finally uploaded online after delay and today you listen to it.

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Ride Dat has been making some hypes online and don’t even know something about Lil Wayne is behind the track until it was revealed to us about this particular hit.

While waiting for Funeral album to guest recommendable guest, Ride Dat presently represents Lil Wayne new collaboration song since this year and you can also check more of featured collaboration here.

Just Another Gangsta replicates itself but this time the joint album with Birdman and  Juvenile has enlist both Lil although this particular track you about to stream below.

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