Bhad Bhabie Shares New NBA YoungBoy Tattoo But Not Dating

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Bhad Bhabie photos

Been while ago we heard about romance. No relationship update has headline August yet Bhad Bhabie is rehabilitating us with new inked tattoo showing Never broke rapper NBA.

I actually I don’t know about their relationship but the new tattoo made me to perceive the nature of her relationship with YoungBoy Never Broke Again.

She most be up to something, letting all and sundry talk about her new glittering tattoo, currently blowing up and sparking debates from NBA and Bhad Bhabie fans.

Is Bhad Bhabie dating NBA YoungBoy ? Maybe Bhad new deleted Instagram simply addressed the hint pointing she’s dating NBA Boy. She uploaded a photo, tattoo on her body then clear the air about the Tattoo. She told her fans she’s not on any date, but they are close ?

While her caption clangs this way, we are not together but we will always be a part of each other. That’s amazing and it sounds quite interesting. Check out below.

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“My tattoo has our own personal meaning behind it,” she said in the caption. “I shouldn’t have to sit her and explain myself but I’m gonna. No we are not together but the truth is we will always b a part of each other’s life’s no matter what anyone got to say. We’ve played a big part in each other’s life’s and helped each other through a lot of shit. We talk all the time and no one will ever change that.”

B B is likely to speak out her mind. Despite NAB notable felon for the past months. Bhad Bhabie isn’t relenting on that, oh that’s love which has been around the corner though unveiling itself.

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According to XXLMAG, Earlier this year, Bhabie was seen with what appeared to be the YoungBoy tattoo, but she claimed that it spelled out “Kentucky.” Now, it looks as though she could have just been trying to downplay reports about the tattoo.  Watch below clip.

NBA had complicated relationship with Mayweather’s Daughter. It was rough and they couldn’t fix it back till date. Bhad probably wants some round with the rapper so let’s take a sip on her new relationship. But remember she said they aren’t dating yet be a part of each other’s life. What do you think ?

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