highest grossing trek by female act

Beyonce has hit Career Major Milestone with Renaissance Tour.

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Beyonce has made another history for herself  after her tour become the highest grossing trek by a female act as the support  she is getting  from Americana  are taking  her to another Career Major Milestone.

Her Renaissance tour which  started on May 10 in Stockholm, capital of Sweden, has significantly  appeared on the charts as the most grossing trek by a female act as she keeps on getter ombre supports from her fans in America.

Currently, her show has over $450 million rank which is a history that no female artist  has made apart  from Madonna‘s iconic Sticky & Sweet Tour which  made a close number by ranking $411 million during  her time.

Meanwhile, the fact  still remains  that Beyonce  Renaissance tour is still going  on, according  to the records, the tour will be rounding  off by October which means that the number she already has might increase  before  the conclusion  of her tour.

Beyonce is really feeling  so excited  as she unveils another Career Major Milestone in her music career  history, which is one that is very rare in the music  industry.

Meanwhile, Beyonce recently  took her fans on a surprise move, after her fans spotted her with her entertainment company  shopping  her Renaissance  visual album  which  her fans have been  waiting  for ever since she released  the album project.

Although, no one can actually  tell why it took her that long to release  the Renaissance visual album, but looking  at the production  and the work done in the visual album, fans can actually tell that the delay was just to bring out the best for them.

One of her her fans has confirmed saying “It’s a visual album movie, but it’s like an art film, and I’ve also heard it’s better than Black Is King,”