Beef Alert: Joe Budden’s Encounter with Logic Get Worst

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Beef Alart: Joe Budden's Encounter with Logic Get Worst

You Know Lord Jamar and Eminem ducked it last month. Just like 50 Cent social media bullying at Young Bucks and Ja Rule continue trending without ice. Joe Budden and Logic again ? Well this isn’t new beef but it being on relentless aging after we already knew little bit of their adversary.

Joe strictly peeved and got something up his sleeve. Is all about feud, meanwhile you all needs to catch this buzz from Budden. But the latest episode of Joe and Logic podcast is inspired by Joe Budden himself who took aim at Logic, he took it one notch up with some harsh words.

If there’s a history between both parties then I recall Joe Budden who took it upon himself and accused Logic of using his mixed race to exploit his music which is also the key factor that scored major of one of the best moments on Logic’s career.

Joe latest development on Logic’s headline is obviously active. We remember French Montana latest single Twisted. The song welcomed Logic officially and Joe has been chasing the song simply to figure odds yet it seems he succeeded after playing the verse on air, Joe called the Def Jam artist “one of the worst rappers to ever grace a microphone.”

He added by saying “I don’t know what they tell you at Def Jam, I know you sold a lot of records, I know you sell out a whole bunch of tours and I know just how successful you are, I have to be honest, you are horrible man.” Listen below.

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