August Alsina Sick & Hospitalized over Inability To Walk Lately

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August Alsina health and hospitalized

You are probably sitting back watching your August Alsina experience health breakdown. However, is unbeknown to his fans yet AA took forward and unveiled odd moment deeply eating his positive being. While August Alsina decide to keep the radio-sight on what has been around him, then feels better within some few days  and here’s what he said.

“So here’s the stitch,” Alsina began. “I woke up one day and wasn’t able to walk. Couldn’t feel my legs. My doctor ended up admitting me to the hospital to do a bunch of tests and he said that I have some nerve damage going on throughout my whole body that I have to undergo a recovery process for. I don’t know it’s like my immunity system just went on vacation. So just waiting on it to come on back so we can get together and make it do what it do man.”

August Alsina did eye surgery during 2015 and since then AA kept dealing with heath issues although not sure if the surgery appears to be the appeal behind his recent encounter. August has been fight over illness but we thanks God he is ok and ready to kick off any ? He last video we watch from him was Footsteps which he dropped on April year.

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