Rihanna and ASAP Rocky baby

ASAP Rocky and Rihanna Move On Dating ?

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ASAP Rocky and Rihanna Move On Dating ?

Amending a broken relationship, most times it’s tough and Drake who dated Rihanna in the past is missing it all partly due to their unhealthy broken relationship. The interview he had last year didn’t even get under Rihanna’s skin upon how Drake commented he cares for her.

Report surfaced online announcing Rihanna and Billionaire boyfriend have split but with no laundry list of excuses for why they can’t consistently move on. Amahiphop also shared report following unidentified speculation but we check the authenticity of it even figuring out that not only the Bajan pop singer and Hassan Jameel relationship no longer active but Rihanna have switched over to Asap Rocky ?

According to media outlet, Rihanna and her business boyfriend have this broken relationship since past three months and if  you don’t even know what goes on behind-the-scenes then believe now that both ASAP Rocky and R9 creator are secretly under the spotlight before it was revealed. They have been keeping it under wrap at earlier 2019 December.

Why Rihanna and Hassan Jameel relationship cut off is simply due to business schedule. It couldn’t be maintained for the fact two business opposite gender always get busy. At least her ninth studio record is a good example. She hardly step into the studio to record new song and he always focus on his multiple business, source told us.

Rihanna switching over to brand new – isn’t new but relationship with Drake and Chris Brown has been addressed on multiple occasions and ASAP Rocky stick with Man Down singer is a little bit suprise, to most fans. Source also shared some why ! she love ASAP Rocky. He’s a guy, good vibes, funny, dope and people love him, RiRi characterized Rocky according to insider.

Rihanna and ASAP Rocky dating evidence last year were accepted after seen them spotted together during a concert in Sweden and share dinner in London. Yems concert prove both parties are linked up as Rihanna was there in support of Rocky.

Rihanna has dated popular celebrities including Chris Brown Drake Hassan Jameel and now new dude could be added to her list of ex-boyfriend. There’s no comments from her ex or the rapper who desperately wants to date Rihanna.

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