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Apparently, Dave Chappelle makes jokes about Kanye West and his wife.

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During a recent standup show, Dave Chappelle apparently cracked some smart remarks regarding his longtime friend Kanye West and his  wife Bianca Censori 

A Reddit member, who is from Chicago, posted a thread on Sunday, April 7, discussing how they saw the Half Baked actor perform the previous night at his just established comedy club in Ohio. The comedian seemingly clarified that he has no problems with the Yeezy boss and that he has even gone out to dinner with him and his wife, despite having previously denounced Ye for his antisemitic views.

“I attended a Dave Chappelle show last night, and he made several jokes about you throughout the show, but he did say they don’t have any beef,” the person commented. He claimed that the most uncomfortable meal he had ever attended was the one he recently had with Ye and Bianca since Bianca was essentially nude.

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“He claimed that she appeared to have gotten up, put on makeup, covered her tittys with duct tape, shoved a cork up her pussy, and left the house.”

In 2022, on his third Saturday Night Live broadcast, Chappelle opened with the opening bars of Otis Redding’s “Try A Little Tenderness,” which Ye had previously notably sampled for Watch The Throne’s “Otis.” After reading a prepared statement condemning antisemitism, he dedicated half of his fifteen-minute performance to Kanye.

He started off by joking, “I probably been doing this for 35 years now,” which set the tone for what was to come. Additionally, I discovered early in my professional life that there are two English terms you never speak together in order. And “the” and “Jews” are those terms. Never once have I witnessed someone behave well after saying that.