Chris Brown Baby Mama Ammika Harris Pregnant

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Ammika Harris Is Pregnant as Chris Brown Baby Mama, Fans Tug On Breezy

Chris Brown a celebrity who found fondness in living a widespread relationship with women. But Rihanna totally snicked out leaving emotional contagious reaction on Breezy after both brawl on their dating spotlight. However, the Indigo is wildly moving on with his little baby and for fact the Barbadian singer engaged in discord doesn’t mean Chris won’t weigh in as a buddy to some other women.

Drake and Chris prefer temporary dating, though unlike Hov and Bey. So what exactly is your garner on them. Well, the new development outward a swirling, indicating Ammaika Harris is pregnant of course Chris Brown hinted caption insulating Harris a new baby mama and this was happening week ago. Many thought that was a retract after a die hard fan leaped out prov aimed on growing baby bump from Ammika.

Chris Brown seem radio-silent over wishes, implicating his commercial name into Ammaik birthday bash. He wish her HBD couple with “MY BABY MAMA.” Recently this week, Chris Brown made a new skeleton move by liking a post on comment section from one of her female fan.“Chris Brown baby mama is fine as hell,” one fan wrote.


While majority of them are waiting to peep on fact over this rumour yet Chris Brown showing so fans the reignite simply tugging Brown out. “Now baby if she’s pregnant I’ll be very upset, I won’t leave but I’ll be VERY UPSET,” one female fan wrote while another added, “You better confirm that she isn’t pregnant or you catching these hands.”

Pregnant baby mama chris

Breezy already proves himself to be a good father to his baby girl Royalty Brown who recently celebrated her 5th birthday. Perhaps he is expected a baby boy with Ammika, or maybe this is just mere trolling from the two of them. Whatever is the case, Chris Brown, you will be a great dad once again.

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