Amahiphop Watching Ty Dolla Sign Dec. New Song & Video “Excited”

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Amahiphop Watching Ty Dolla Sign Dec. New Song & Video "Excited"

September and October, Ty Dolla Sign goes missing, staying lost and never showed up during those few past months. Amahiphop, sure never featured his new related singles or visual but in a very much thanks to Ant Clemons, Ty and Ant join new force and release new song and video featuring this December 2019.

Ant Clemson isn’t strange artist of course isn’t a stranger to Hip-Hop community. He worked with Kanye West also dropped few songs which gave recognition at least you shouldn’t forget All Mine.

He has worked with Beyonce. A songwriter on Beyonce & Jay-Z’s ‘Mood 4 Eva’ earlier this year, further enhancing his catalog. Anti Clemson with his notable smart works, he then rise to notoriety and her he teamed with Ty Dolla Sign who assists him on Excited song and video.

Ant dropped his ‘4 Letter Word‘ song and video back in October which we absolutely liked. It was produced by Timbaland. He follows that up with ‘Excited’ which where you can watch on new Hip-hop videos.  or stream the song our December songs.

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