Am A Hip-Hop Readies Dec. 2019 Songs, Videos & Albums

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Am A Hip-Hop Readies Dec. 2019 Songs, Videos & Albums

Xmas, there’s more days, weeks ahead and Hip-hop still maintains it’s genre with standout songs, videos and albums.

2019 Hip-hop basically we heard so many songs, stream new projects across Spotify, Apple Music then other commercial streaming arenas. Its all assisted from diverse artists that gave room for new albums to hit online.
There are already a handful of selected albums, you know those new projects streaking on Billboard and they are more frequently to be remembered as historical albums featuring 2019. 
From Amahiphop August 2019 songs, videos and albums, we have had numerous singles, visuals doing specific recognition to a special album.  And when it comes to September, we also compiled songs, videos and albums released under Sept. coverage.
October is another month packing notable vibes with videos and albums. Here there’s much songs released although few albums were updated.
Nov. Is still active but this month is currently the highest dubut of albums, videos and songs. Unlike August and September, Nov. is were 2019 build a solid Hip-hop at least we have recorded as much as being released.
While more hits surfaces on this month, December is simply loading with classic stores and only few days left for us to start playing Xmas Hip-Hop songs. Promises has been and both Meek Mill, R9 and more are albums which fans are waiting for..

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