Akon: Akon City Finalized and Coming To Existence

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Akon City Finalized and Coming To Existence

Akon showing potential and courageous to establish his on town or City. So, is Akon the first Black-American singer hunting to manage as well host people in his shedulded city ?

A-Kon’s perseverance to have own city, on lately Monday claimed that he’s come to an agreement with the government in Senegal, which will apparently allow him to open his own city, which is aptly titled Akon City. The singer. While getting into a deep state of focus to bring his city to light, he shared publicly on Twitter where we saw him accompany with government officials. Source told Amahiphop Akon, who’s real name is Aliaune Damala Bouga had arrangement to secure a city for himself but needs to put an arriangment with his African Country, senegal.

He also said he has finalised with the government and arrangement for Ako-City is fully engaged and love to host you in future. Akon is now going to build his City in Senegal which will be something of extravagant luxury. “Just finalized the agreement for AKON CITY in Senegal,” Akon tweeted. “Looking forward to hosting you there in the future.”

Akon who shared multiple album last year always wants his love spread across Africa. Maybe heo starting to do more with his City. He also hone his focus to run for 2024 POTUS and one the rapper who wants to turn himself a presidential candidate is Kanye West.

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