Juvenile 400 Degreez video

After 25 Years, Juvenile Provides a “400 Degreez” Video Treatment

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Juvenile iconic song “400 Degreez” now got a music video thanks to the 25th anniversary of the album of the same name.

The message that appears at the beginning of the Diesel Filmz-directed video is, “On November 3, 1998, Juvenile released his third album, 400 Degreez.” After selling more than 4 million copies, the album was eventually certified 4 times platinum.

“This revolutionary record continues to be Juvenile’s best-selling endeavor during his solo career. This image commemorates the significant accomplishment’s 25th anniversary.

From there, two video vixens prepare a birthday cake for the album while the legendary New Orleans rapper links up with Mannie Fresh, a former Cash Money associate who produced the entirety of 400 Degreez.

Throughout the clip, there are glimpses of Juvie and Mannie performing live with older video from the 400 Degreez era.

On Friday, March 29th, Juvenile will release a digital deluxe edition of 400 Degreez in honor of the anniversary. On April 26th, a double LP color vinyl version of the album will be released.

“Party” and “We Be Blowing Money” are two new tracks on the reissue.

Reminiscences of the late 1990s might endure, as Juvie recently provided an optimistic update on the planned Hot Boys reunion tour that would include Turk, Lil Wayne, himself, and the newly liberated B.G.

In a TMZ interview, he responded to a question concerning the tour by saying, “No negativity from me, man.” You know, I’m usually like, “It’s going to happen.” It will undoubtedly occur. We need to give them some time to cool off. But believe me, it is occurring.

Even though Juvenile is optimistic, since Lil Wayne’s release from prison late last year, there have been problems between B.G. and Wayne.

Shortly after his release, B.G. mocked his former groupmate in the song “Gangstafied,” rapping, “Don’t act like you didn’t know that I’m still a living legend. My n-gga Boosie went home and my dawg was steady blowing. My n-gga Weezy steady touring but he’s bitch and it’s showing.”