A$AP Rocky Rihanna DMB video

A$AP Rocky & Rihanna DMB Video Comes Video Of The Month

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Watching A$AP Rocky and Rihanna DMB video has reminds us of old Rihanna music videos. This song D.M.B Dats Mah Bitch has been on the headline and Rocky promised to drop the audio, the song also gets released with its official video making the song boost.

If you have been watching a slew of tremendous music videos since this year 2022, Rocky and Rihanna’s video is far more wanted to be watched yet here is the music video below. The video is being rated as the music video of the month as the video senses featured a romantic display on different minutes.

A$AP Rocky and Rihanna DMB video have shown us how they get married virtually. In another moment in the video where Rocky drag Chris Brown who beat Rihanna over the past years when they were dating.

According to his lyrics, A$AP Rocky is dissing Chris Brown for beating his bitch: “I don’t beat my bitch, I need my bitch.” The aong title stands for, “DAT$ MAH B!*$H.” That was an absolutely sharp shot that is pushing the song beyond limits.

However, Rihanna in the DATS MAH BITCH video didn’t sing, she was just hooking up with his baby boy while he do all the singing and rapping. Course, A$AP is referencing CB’s well-document attack on RiRi back in 2009, when Chris punched her in his car, resulting in bruising and a split lip. (TMZ)

Currently, this video has become the video of the month with so many reasons to watch it. Either to see Rihanna in the video or hear her voice. He even proposed to Rihanna in the video fans are freaking out. Watch you can watch it above.

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