A$AP Ferg Said Kendrick Lamar Made Rich The Kid Remove Other Guests From “New Freezer”

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A$AP Ferg Said Kendrick Lamar Made Rich The Kid Remove Other Guests From "New Freezer"

Asap Ferge calling out Kendrick Lamar. So what’s that for or what exactly Ferge trying to unwrap to the Internet. We believe Lamar isn’t good probably when it comes to social media brawl or altercation but ASAP Ferge seeks his attention this.

Three artists are involved, the first one is Rich The Kid, Kendrick Lamar whom he featured on New Freezer song then A$ap Ferge reporting what seems odd against Lamar.

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It all stems from Kendrick Lamar who placed restriction on Rich The Kid album, his single New Freezer only embrace Kendrick Lamar appearance as guest only if The Kid could accept his terms and conditions.

Now ASAP Ferge finger pointing out some bugs during his recent interview that sees both DJ Whoo Kid. According to Ferge, he said Kendrick Lamar was featured on New Freezer since Kid adapt with his condition.

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“[Producer] Ben [Jayne] came through, and we did that song together with me, Rich The Kid and a few other niggas … MadeinTYO,” the A$AP Mob member said. “This nigga wind up playing it for fucking, I think Jaden Smith, Kendrick Lamar, all these other niggas. And Kendrick was like, ‘Yo, I’ll get on it as long as everybody come off of it.’”

I think why ASAP Ferge opening up is simply because who was tugged out of the song. He said he was looking out for the producer Ben Jayne.

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“I’m like, ‘Cool as long as the little homie get on,’” he noted. “He from the hood. I used to throw him a lil’ something here and there on the ‘get home safe’ type shit. But to see what ‘New Freezer’ did and it took him to a whole other level. He got a pub deal, got an artist deal, label deal. Living in a L.A. house, everything off a song and just being around.”

From the leaked version of the New. Freezer, Ferge was featured but the official collaboration is Kendrick Lamar Feat. Check Below.

Is there any springs attached from ASAP Ferge said ? Or will there be any response from Kendrick Lamar who love being on radio-silent. What do you think.

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