50 Cents responds to fat shamers

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50 Cents is one of the number one hip-hop greats of all time . The rapper debuted in the 2000s and is till making waves.

50 Cents has debuted several hit back to back serving us hits like Candy shop which was a tik took viral sounds in 2022, many men, in da club and many more.

The rapper has also produced for popular musicians like pop smoke and also impacted the entertainment industry.

His shows like power was a hit TV show and great recognition worldwide.

This year, the rapper appeared in the super bowl halftime show which was massive.

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The Superbowl stared all the hip-hop greats like Eminem, Dr Dre, snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar etc.

The artist performed most of their biggest hits in different colourful ways and different energies. All had great performance as most of them performed together.

50 cent made a surprise appearance performing his ” in the club ” which was a hit from 2003. The new York rapper came on stage wearing a tank top instead of being shirtless.

After 50 cents performance, fans started calling him fat for getting to big instead of being the same way he is.

After the rapper came on stage wearing a tank top covering his fat but fans noticed and started posting memes that seemed offensive.

The rapper later responded to the fat shamers relating to the fact that he could drop weight on the internet.

In an Instagram post addressed the Sam critics joking furthest they fold him to reduce.

At the interview with 97. 9 the Box, the rapper added that he’s been hungry since and is ready to loose more wait.

The rapper also joked abound fat shaming staying that the jokes from his haters had motivated him.

50 cent is promoting his new horror movie which is said to be graphic and made a camera man pass out.