50 Cent and Diddy 2pac Death

50 Cent Speaks More on his Claims that Diddy had hands on 2pac Death

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50 Cent is currently  mounting pressure on his colleagues  “Diddy” as he keeps on claiming  that the rapper had hand in the death of 2pac.

This has really dragged  the attention of so many concerned fans who really want justice for the late rapper “2pac” following  the fact that there has not been any solid action taken the rapper died of gun shots.

To show how serious  he was with his claims, he went on advising  the people  who are in charge  of tbe investigations to take some legal actions, this is really a surprising thing  for fans as they don’t believe that Diddy would have anything to do with the death of 2pac.

Although  this is up to 27 years after the death of the rapper which is also the first time people  are taking the case very seriously and its also now that 50 cent is making  this claims against “Diddy”  for orchestrating  the death of the rapper.

Fans do know that the two rapper have not been in good terms for a long time and they think that 50 cent was just trying  to drag Diddy as usual, but in his recent clip of his show thay came online on Monday,  50 cent still made the same comment to the crown  concerning  Diddy’s involvement in the death of 2pac.

“I hate when they leave me to talk because I always say the wrong thing, Last time they left me, I said something about Puffy. You saw that clip? I gotta stop doing that kinda shit. I been talking to a therapist to try to help me with the shit I been saying. It’s some crazy shit on my mind. Maybe I said that shit about Puffy because he got 2Pac killed.” He said