50 Cent Simply Wants More Beefs to his Catalog
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50 Cent Simply Wants More Beefs to his Catalog

But want ! Wait A Minute !! Fiddy can’t stop recruiting his over aged beef ? But we can’t just raise voice at French Montana who never seek notoriety from Power co-creator. We knew 50 Cent can’t give up on whatever he’s so desperate to and one of his features include beef.

Few days back, just last year Dec. 31 he took upon himself and called out French Montana for buying expensive 2008 Buggatti ? The car isn’t the case here but Cent’s impression left fans wondering if both French and him once had underground beef. From our previous update, we mentioned about a video commonly involved 50 Cent and French Montan but to me that’s not why they go sour.

However, French Montana and 50 Cent to most people they might be the latest beef online since these few days ago. Coke singer and rapper 50 have been going Back to Back with shots even get Eminem involved from newest response from French Montana.

French responded by uploading an old photo of 50 Cent appearing to kiss Eminem in the lips. The “Writing on the Wall” rhymer expressed, “BACK TO BACK AGAINNNNN WHOS THAT 59 😂 COULDNT EVEN GET A BUGGATTI AFTER THAT DINOSAUR 😂 look at my dawg Kay slay face lol.” Was it a Photoshop or a leaked gay ?

50 Cent and French beef could be something of the pase difference but getting a new brand. From our list of beef moved into 2020, 50 Cent simply can’t stop trolling his foes. Nick Cannon, Ja Rule, Rick Ross, Lord Jamar, French Montana, and more are all enemies to Fiddy.

50 Cent is a rapper is always come for you when even you messes with him.


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