50 Cent Said Eminem Best Rapper In The World

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Is more clear to understand Eminem and 50 Cent has had good relationship both past and recent can prove wholeheartedly. They have been each other’s back at any moment.

While Fiddy and Shady haven’t done collaboration currently or something we could called Eminem and 50 Cent least song, but they’re likely to help themselves in any platform.

Same this month we realized Eminem updated his GOAT roster but 50 Cent wasn’t mentioned as Eminem’s Greatest Rappers Of All Time yet that’s Okay with 50 Cent not denouncing or shady Eminem for devaluing him.

While both Lil Wayne and more of big hip-hop moguls appeared on Em list, 50 Cent isn’t shy to say his opinion, mean he took to Instagram lately to recommend fans Eminem the best rapper in the world today.

“this combination will always work,” he wrote before throwing his buddy up on a pedestal. He continued, “think it has something to do with EM being the best rapper in the world but i’m not so bad. LOL #friendsforever.” as posted with a photo showing him and Eminem.

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