50 Cent & Nicki Minaj to Collaborate on Animated Series ‘Lady Danger’ at Amazon Freevee

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50 Cent is a huge fan of Nicki Minaj, and Nicki never neglected the fact that 50 Cent always support her in most cases. The biggest collaboration that can also happen as a landmark is 50 Cent and Nicki Minaj collaboration, and this it has come via an animating series called Lady Danger at Amazon.

Nicki Minaj has officially set to powerhouse and executive producer to the above-mentioned animated series from Amazon Freevee based on the Dark Horse comic book series of the same name. Though this is not a kind of music collaboration but both parties working together on a particular series is pure integral to the success of Lady Danger.

Uncle 50 Cent will co-executive produce under his G-Unit Film & TV banner, in addition to Brian Sher, and Paul Young & Mike Griffin for Make Good Content. Starburns Industries will serve as the animation studio for the series based on the book written by Alex de Campi.

Written by executive producers Carlton Jordan and Crystle Roberson, “the series—set in the year 2075—follows a government field agent who is left for dead by her team after discovering a dangerous secret, only to be resurrected as Lady Danger, an afrofuturistic ass-kicking Agent of B.O.O.T.I (Bureau of Organized Terrorism Intervention), who must conceal her true identity while she fights villains who are destroying the earth and its vulnerable inhabitants,” Deadline reports.

Fans were well pleased to see Nicki minaj and 50 Cent on this series. The In Da Clube rapper has so many shows he is handling right now, but his partnership with Lady Danger will definitely be one the biggest things he has achieved this year 2023.

The love, which 50 Cent has for Nicki Minaj, is well reserved in 2010. ‘She has a lane that’s been closed that she just busted open on her own,’ Fif tells MTV News of ‘Pink Friday’ MC.

“She’s the only female around, period,” Fif said. “She has a lane that’s been closed that she just busted open on her own, and she’s an amazing talent. A lot of artists, I personally am not excited by, but her, particularly, she impressed me on that ‘Bottoms Up’ remix,” he added, referring to Trey Songz’s smash, one of a number of memorable Nicki cameos this year.

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