50 Cent Discriminate Women For Being Mad

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50 Cent Discriminates Black Women and For Being Mad

Uhm, 50 and Tuchechi getting slash from fans and his own daughter Reginae Carter poked no fun after Young Money radio interview had 50 Cent talking about black women

50 with Lil Wayne talked about Pop Smoke Posthumous album and lot more attached to it. He also took shot at Meek Mill, Jay-Z, Rick Ross and somewhere in the interview he trade at black race as Lil Wayne’s daughter, Regina Carter cross-examine the interview and found out someone is perciving racist colour.

However, 50 isn’t known as racist but might’ve said what could be clarify as blast to his own colour but caught attention from Wayne’s daughter who believes 50 totally referring to Black women instead.

Already, 50 Cent broke up with Latina model Jamira “Cuban Link” Haines last month, spelled out his perception of black women as Lil Wayne laughed in response. “They get mad. They get angry. You see a lot of sisters go ‘you f*** with this kind of girl and that kind of girl?’ That sh** is exotic! That sh** look a lot different than the sh** you see in the neighborhood all of the time. That sh** look like it came off a boat.”

Below you can check out what Regina Carter shared on Twitter after watching his father and 50 Cent latest Interview.

“I’m black! I’m beautiful! I’m enough! I’m exotic! I’m amazing! I’m one of a mf kind!!!! Now where my black beautiful Queens at,” she tweeted.

“For Lil Wayne, a black man w/ a black daughter, to sit there while another black man (50 cent) implies that Black women aren’t “exotic” & perpetrate the “angry/jealous/bitter black woman” stereotype & LAUGH just really confirms that a lot of these celebs are colorist & anti black”

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