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50 Cent Calls Nicki Minaj ‘Alpha Female,’ Celebrates Eminem On Young Money Interview

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50 Cent Calls Nicki Minaj ‘Alpha Female,’ Celebrates Eminem’s On Young Money Interview

The latest guest appearance on Lil Wayne Young Money radio is 50 Cent. Fiddy as he maintain working on Pop Smoke Posthumous project, he has been creating awareness of different sort. He’s readying new video with Roddy Ricch featuring the album.

We already know Lil Wayne has had great moment featuring both Dr Dre, Drake, Eminem and more interview on his Young Money radio yet again he welcomed vicious cent who tabled more about Pop Smoke.

The hip-hop tycoon did share information with fellow hip-hop sensation, Lil Wayne, and he also shift focus on Nicki Minaj whom has been under his coverage then celebraties Eminem impact.

50 Cent, Eminem and Nicki Minaj relationship haven’t experienced any recognizable parole. He also praise Eminem at when due and this time 50 Cent labeled Nicki Minaj as harder nigga, called the alpha female rapper.

“I love me some Nicki. This n***a actually happens to come from my neighborhood. It happens to be a girl, but that n***a is tough!” he said. “She be harder than the n***a she f**k with. She be harder and she’s an alpha female! That motherf**ker tough! You see what I’m saying, son? You got to watch her or she’ll go—she’ll do something that’s pulling a move to assert herself.”

The interview is another place 50 Cent shown tumultuous relationship with both Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and Eminem. While he claimed Eminem best rapper in the world, the In da Club rapper also celebrates Eminem during the Young Money first show up.

“Being in connection to Em, I say this shit openly, right. I don’t think you sell 13 million records without Eminem,” said 50. “Because that connection makes them understand that you understand how they fit into the culture. When they see Em, they see someone that actually grew… hip-hop culture is Black music, forget about it. Everybody around him is African-American, Proof and Denaun and everybody that’s part of D12. And he comes up and he’s that fucking good, it goes OK, I see where I fit.”

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