50 Cent Battles Rick Ross in Court Over Leaked Sex Tape

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50 Cent Battles Rick Ross in Court Over Leaked Sex Tape

But Rick Ross isn’t a bad guy, he always stand bravely to sign peace with Fiddy yet a bad nigga will always be a foe to POWER CO-CREATOR dude.

50 Cent has had several run-in from several side ventures. His legal war with his old firm Reed Smith and an attorney named Peter Raymond has been awaked as their $32 million war is simultaneously dragging Rick Ross into court hearing obviously infected by 50 Cent.

50 Cent said the law firm took him some amount of dollars, about $7 million, a payout he needs to stretch to Rick Ross ex girlfriend know as
Lastonia Leviston who was featured in a leaked sex tape narrated by Fif’s character “Pimpin Curly.”

According to media outlet, 50 blames Reed Smith and Raymond for intentionally deceived him by failing to disclose a binding pre-trial stipulation between their firm and Lastonia’s lawyers, which “precluded key material witnesses,” including his longtime foe, Rick Ross.

So that’s how 50 Cent dragging Rick Ross to give account over what has been around. On multiple occasions 50 Cent’s legal team has tried corroborate across Rick but its all not working out.