Man Beat Up Fellow Man Over 2pac and Not Being 90’s Rappers Fan

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Man Beat Up Fellow Man Over 2pac and Not Being 90's Rappers Fan

The relentless fact about 90’s legends is that they curve and built the culture. Although in respective structure, new hip-hop still playing some positive roll but that isn’t true license to leap and tell traditional rappers to kiss your feet. Amahiphop is highly unware if Father Of 4 rapper lame on old rappers. 

The sparking of debate on old rappers and New style of rapping probably new rappers, keep fans on flammable assault while making opponet reputation. 2pac is gone yet his legacy still invokes seriously and die hard fans stands to claim defeat to any rival. Amahiphop is reporting Thomas Statkiewicz who break into physical brawl to fellow man over departed 2pac. Thomas has been arrested after exercising 2pac Thug life on the victim

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He fall into guilty after broken the nose of unknown man, gave him 90’s beating with eyes swollen and it was injured intoxicated. Thomas said the man try to impersonate mayweather punch towards him during their 2pac argument but he win.

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