Young Thug Rico trial

Young Thug Attorney Says that Rico Trial Might take 3 Years

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The YSL RICO trial for Young Thug is presently in progress, but according to a recent petition made by the lawyer for one of the co-defendants, the trial will last longer than anticipated.

A defence filing on Tuesday, March 19, sought a “detailed explanation of the expected testimony of each respective witness and an explanation of how that witness’ proposed testimony is not cumulative of other witnesses nor causing undue delay nor a waste of time,” according to court documents that

Only 40 of the prosecution’s more than 400 witnesses have testified thus far; if this number continues, the case is expected to be concluded by 2027. The list of witnesses was originally reduced from 700. The defence claims that this is against the Sixth Amendment, which protects a defendant’s right to a prompt trial.

Adrian Bean, a prosecution witness, was cross-examined by the defence earlier this week, and he came clean about using marijuana in court.

“I’m so high right now, y’all. I’m ’bout to go to sleep on y’all ass,” he said. “I ain’t gon’ tell a lie.”

Bean was then given a bottle of water by lead prosecutor DA Adriane Love, and Young Thug lawyer Brian Steel inquired as to whether Bean needed some time to compose himself. He chose to continue despite his circumstances.

Before that, legal reporter Meghann Cuniff disclosed that a heated dispute between two lawyers occurred in court last week, requiring the intervention of a sheriff’s deputy.

In a video from day 42 of the Young Thug Rico trial, Adriane Love was singled out by the judge after he instructed the couple to “take it down a notch” as they were still fighting.