Ty Dolla Sign & YG Denounce Racism, Shares New Song “Fu*ck The Police”

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Ty Dolla Sign & YG Denounce Racism, Shares New Song "Fu*ck The Police"

Another artist is protesting using new song. Well that’s all because of George Floyd’s death. More individual and collective opinions are seeking for Justice to be served meanwhile YG has step forward, with new song to denounce racism.

Yesterday Ty Dolla Sign voiced out following tragic death to George. He released song on Instagram titled I Know You See It and there he raps this ways, “I know you see it / my people dying in the streets / they ain’t breathing / You know you heard about it / you know the issues, but the problems you ain’t speaking.” 

Without being told, we all understand Ty Dolla Sign speaking against cause of George Floyd death which has been around specially honed focus in denouncing racism which is impacting and affecting blacks on one way or another.

Today YG added more flame for Justice and protesters. He drop new song called Fu”ck The Police FTP which is produced by Swish and Larry J. The message is loud and clear from him. Listen below then you explain what he’s talking about.

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