Tory Lanez Warn Interscope Record Label for Misbehaving

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Tory Lanez Warn Interscope Record Label for Misbehaving

Tory Lanez taking it public but still on a soft. Lanez  took to Instagram then threatens his lable, Interscope Record over the case of what haven’t been unwrap to listeners.

The Toronto singer-rapper admits that Interscope Record is playing with him and he has advised lately following what has been in the gut which we currently don’t about.

“”Interscope Records … If y’all n***as don’t stop playing w/ me … I’ma expose what’s really going on in that fucking building!” he said.

Tory Lanez released his Chixptape 5 this which can be streamed on Amahiphop November hip-hop albums. The album received good recognition from fans and it continue rising on chart.

Tory further commented on the post: “That’s the difference …. I don’t care. My integrity respect and the path of light that i can show the generation after me is more important than this life that ni**as is so scared to lose.”

In his interview with Hot 97, Tory mentioned that the sample clearance costs were causing him a loss on the album but he didn’t care about it so the issue with Interscope could stem from financial disagreements.

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