“Street Life” Conway Advised New Rappers on Facts.

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The Rapper “Conway” in his own view noticed that some of the upcoming rappers are really trying to leave the street life behind in their music career, but he got some advise for them.

The rapper gave this upcoming rappers some few advises during his appearance at the SupaCindy on Miami, Florida’s 99Jamz, according to him, it’s not really easy for someone to find his way in the rap game without have a full knowledge about the street.

Cindy actually used herself as a example as she mentioned how difficult It was for her while coming up in the game, she noted that everyone should be able to know all the predicament too well, and also understand that  it’s “tough” for artists to escape the streets.

Speaking about the code, she said that it’s something every upcoming rapper should respect if he really want to succeed in the game, she also noted that those old rappers may not understand what she is saying because they have money now.

“It’s definitely harder than it seems, It seems easy, like, ‘You famous now, you gettin’ money!’ A lot of these guys, man, they’re really outside, really tapped in. You gotta respect the code if you know what that life about. It’s codes, and they live by it and stand by it.”

Cindy continued, “it very easy for you deal with some of the predicament in the rap game when you experienced street life, having such knowledge will help you survive everything that may come up.”

Whilst still speaking she reviewed some advantages of growing in the street “you comin’ from the streets. You gotta know what to take with you and what to leave behind. You gotta know what to bring with you and what to leave out.”