Big Sean Detroit 2 Album Stream

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 Big Sean Detroit 2 Full Tracklist

This is a very good news that Big Sean is dropping new album this year, September 4th with great experiences. Just few days left for the album to drop you can still check out the Tracklist.

Detroit 2, it’s an album, a sequel to Big Sean’s 2012 released project meanwhile the rapper kept saying the series will definitely install it’s new version and in 2019 that was actually a thinkable expectation yet didn’t come to existence.

Indeed big announced 2020 album as Detroit 2 during his birthday celebration. Was about to revealed more insight, features, tracklist and album artwork.

Detroit 2 incorporates both Nipsey Hussle and more hip-hop hitters but before you hear the full album by next month, Big Sean drop his Nipsey Hussle new song called Deep Reverence. On the track you can hear Kendrick Lamar as spit by Big Sean who in the song referenced his by saying, “After what happened to Nipsey I reached out to Kendrick/There wasn’t even no real issues there to begin with/Lack of communication and wrong information from people fueled by the ego it’s like mixing flames with diesel.”  stream the song below.

Detroit 2 Tracklist

  1. Why Would I Stop
  2. Lucky Me
  3. Deep Reverence
  4. Wolves
  5. Body Language
  6. Story By Dave Chappelle
  7. Hard Than My Demons
  8. Everything That’s Missing 
  9. ZTFO
  10. Guard Your Heart
  11. Respect It
  12. Lithuania
  13. Full Circle
  14. Time In
  15. Story by Erykah Badu
  16. FREED
  17. THE Baddest
  18. Done Life
  19. Friday Night Cypher
  20. Story by Stevie Wonder
  21. Still I Rise
Stream Big Sean Detroit 2 Album 

Big Sean has released about three songs last year, Single again, Overtime, Bezerk then Deep Reverence making four while the album get released this week.

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