Smoke DZA The Smokers Only care in the world

Watch Smoke Dza, The Smokers Club “only Care In The World” Video

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“Watch Smoke DZA, The Smokers Club Only Care In The World video.” Last Christmas was quite received and Smoke DZA and his brand did enjoy it. The main reason is that they came together and deliver a new album which they titled Money For Dummies.

Money For Dummies was released on December 30th 2022 and the album is also available on Tidal official. Interestingly, the album in question also features Curren$y via a track titled Park Bench Blues. A very dope song indeed.

The album only welcomed about 10 solid tracks which made up the whole project come true. You can always relate to them as “Box Otw”, “42”, “Quarter Million $ Mattress”, “What Would Push Do”, “Material Love”, and more. Check it out and let us know what you think about this project.

But giving it a more integral part, Smoke Dza, and The Smokers Club have linked up once again but this time for a new music video. Yes, one of the hit songs from Mony For Dummies just received an official music video. It’s no other but Only Care In The World

“What’s with all the long faces?, asks DZA. “Expensive dinners, scooped up the bomb waitress / She all open, we got the same sign / Head so good, I had my toes throwing gang signs,” as bars trend in the video. Watch it below.

Last was a beautiful year. Sure Smoke Dza can explain much better. He joined this collaborative album ‘full court press’ which also featured girl talk, wiz Khalifa and big k.r.i.t. They later came back and dropped the video for Ain’t No Fun, one the best on Full Court Press.

Smoke DZA might have more music videos to share this year for his Smokers Club’s teamed album. Or maybe a new single for 2023 is simply on the way. Let us know what you think.