New Leak Music Video From Drake Surfaced Online – Watch

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New Leak Music Video From Drake Surfaced Online - Watch

Drake is obviously on his inner workings and a lot have been happening unbeknown to fans that hopes streaming new album from Drake, this year.

Drake and Future shares new video this year, Life Is Good and latter drop another song Desires.

If Drake is working on new song video lately maybe that’s part of his song which will likely to be on his upcoming. Although the new shot that got leaked online haven’t been left unwrapped since no solid information behind.

However, the leaked and untitled video was shot in Brooklyn. You can hear the rapper rapping on background as well demonstrating. Check it below.

Drake is working on his follow up album to Scorpion and it has been rumoured to get released this year. You can also see our Jenuary videos featuring Drake.

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