NBA YoungBoy Response To Kodak Black Calling Him Snitching Rapper

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NBA YoungBoy Response To Kodak Black Calling Him Snitching Rapper

Kodak Black wasn’t having it with YoungBoy. KB and YB, probably both just sign up illegal feud deal following Yaya Mayweather stabbing fight. You Kodak Black isn’t in support of YoungBoy Never Broke, he accused him of snitching to police. Meanwhile the Transgressions rapper was found online calling him snitching rapper.

So what exactly are they beefing of ? Well, NBA YoungBoy is clapping back to incarcerated rapper whom he thought he’s mindfully of his business not looking into Yaya and Jacobs recent ducked out. 

Amahiphop, yesterday shared Kodak Black’s comment on YoungBoy taken to custody for cooperation and being the entity witnessing the stabbing fight, police believes NBA YoungBoy is capable of proving more about Yaya Mayweather and the woman she stabbed during the brawl

Kodak Black already Held YoungBoy Never Broke responsible, characterized him as snitcher. 

NBA YoungBoy, lately he took to Instagram to tarnish Kodak’s reputation towards him. “I ain’t never pay attention to a n***a, especially from no mothaf***in’ cell, n***a. The fuck a n***a watchin’ me for? N***a say I cooperated… ‘Bout what?! You stupid b**ch! ‘Bout my wife?!” he responds to Kodak Black calling him snitching rapper.

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