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JAY-Z Releases Remix of ‘Empire State of Mind’ Feat. Gil Scott-Heron: Listen

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Jay-Z has some moves for his fans this year. Hov fans are expecting some songs from the Billionaire rapper. They are also happier about his fortune as he maintains his billionaire status. Jay-Z was recently enlisted as one of the billionaires as Forbes has shown. Upon that, Jay-Z still wants us to feel happy and today he has shared the official remix of Empire State Of Mind. The song featured Gil Scott-Heron.

Jay-Z performed in Paris just a few days ago. That was a super one. It’s a concert linked up with Louis Vuitton. The reason for the Jay-Z and Louis Vuitton concert was to celebrate the work of Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat just wrapped up, and the clips look insane. In the announcement of this concert was well received.

Jay-Z has them moved forward to put a more integral part just after he performed in Paris. He shared the remix “Empire State Of Mind,” the song which was released in 2009 featuring Alica Keys. You can listen to the first version of the song on Youtube.

However, this remix song in question is called ‘NEW YORK (CONCEPT DE PARIS)’ and is essentially his ‘Empire State Of Mind’ vocals over a slowed-down version of the instrumental for the late great legend Gil Scott-Heron’s ‘NY Is Killing Me’, which some might recognise from Angel Haze’s ‘New York’.

This is reminding us of Alicia Keys and Jay-Z’s joint single. Having released the remix, the 2009 track has also gotten a ton of streams probably because of the remix (NEW YORK(CONCEPT DE PARIS). You can stream it on Tidal or check out the song below.

As we said earlier in this post, the remix featured GIl Scott Heron and it’s amazing indeed. Hov always find his way to impress his fan and this is worth it as well.