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Drake sure knows how to have a good time and that includes trolling Michael Rubin.

Billionaire Michael Rubin recalls a scenario when Drake trolled him on the journey to the Toronto Raptors’ NBA championship. In his appearance on the All the Smoke podcast, he narrates how Drake roasts him in the East Conference semi-finals.

During an appearance on Showtime’s All the Smoke podcast, Rubin told a story about Drizzy trolling him during and after the Raptors and 76ers’ matchup in the Eastern Conference Semifinals.

“My worst memory of Drake is in the middle of Game 7 of the playoffs, he sends me a picture of himself wearing Sixers shorts. He said, ‘I’m coming for you,’” Rubin revealed.

“As soon as I saw him in Sixers shorts, I said, ‘We’re losing this fucking game.’ That jinx-ass muthafucka,” he added, referring to the famous “Drake Curse.” “Just put on these shorts and I knew it was a wrap.

“By the way, I’ve never seen someone FaceTime me more times and me ignore him more than after that game. He had no chill. We had just lost [to Kawhi’s shot] and he FaceTimed every two seconds.  I just never picked up. I just went home depressed.”

However, Michael later sold his shares to  Harris Blitzer Sports and Entertainment last year October. Reports disclosed that he sold his shares as a result of future conflicts concerning the expansion of the business.

In his rap single “When to say when” released in 2019, Drake raps about Michael Rubin. He says,” Rubin win a million off a couple hands/ I decide what to see next like it’s on-demand/ I decide what to be next like I’m switchin’ plans/ I’ma tell you what you feel next like the weatherman,” 

There is certainly no bad blood between these two and it’s glad to see.