Dr Dre and Nas with Slim The Mobster Reignites Studio

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Dr Dre work with Nas 2020

Was wondering if Nas just letting 2020 studio session behind. He has teased new album and that was last year just after the wake of The Lost Tape 2. Nasir, well he’s simply coming back with some fresh and  unheard singles, hopefully it going to incorporate super-Dre.

So what the new heck around the net, it’s Nas again setting frenzy on Twitter follow new appearance with Dr Dre and Slim The Mobster in studio. Just guess what or all we’re having in mind is that new turn up on the way. It’s kind of studio reignite since both powerhouse talents have collaborated on notable songs “Nas Is Coming” and “Hustlers,” you that’s part of their history yet those tycoons are working for the future. Check photos shared on Twitter below.

It’s cool and dope seeing Nas and Dr Dre working together. Been a long time and fans are even believes their recent studio show up is one the signs about Nas and his upcoming album following his 2018 Nasir then 2019 The Lost Tape II. Not the first time Nas making sketch move. He once mate Kendrick Lamar in March, and Hit-Boy.

While Dr Dre and his wife on prenup, the professional beat producer till can focus himself as a consultant and sound engineer irrespective of his wife divorce file.

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