COVID-19 Takes Away Fred The Godson, Bronx Rapper’s Life

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COVID-19 Takes Away Fred The Godson, Bronx Rapper's Life

He’s the first rapper to die from coronavirus. The rapper whose real name is Fred The Godson was suffering this current world deases and according to his wife, the Bronx rapper also suffered from difficult breathing.

He died at the aga of 35 yrs after all given to ventilator for more define method of fighting the deases. 

The South Bronx rapper’s publicist told The Source on Wednesday that the MC remained in intensive care after his fever peaked earlier at 105 degrees and that his heart and vital signs were showing improvement, though his kidney function was seriously impacted due to complications from COVID-19. Thomas was reportedly at higher risk as a result of his asthma. Earlier this month, he was hospitalized and was relying on a ventilator to breathe.

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