Cardi B Going After YouTuber Tasha K’s Property to Take $4 Million Debt From Lawsuit

Cardi B Going After YouTuber Tasha K’s Property to Take $4 Million Debt From Lawsuit

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Cardi B and Tasha K once found themselves in court. The Vblogger was sued by Cardi B back in 2019 following what happened in 2018. The YouTuber lose the battle, and a judge ordered her to pay the WAP co-rapper to pay a huge amount of $4 million.

Originally, Tasha K accused Cardi B of doing drugs and having sexually transmitted diseases. That was a post made by Tasha K, and it wasn’t funny. Cardi B didn’t take legal action in 2018. Cardi B then sued Tasha K in 2019.

The case was tried in Georgia federal court in January of 2022. But Cardi B won her, meanwhile judge then ordered Tasha K to pay Cardi B for damages. About $3,868,753.47 is the ransome amount of money she needs to pull out from her bank account.

Tasha K has then apologized to Cardi B. According to her apology, she promised Cardi B that what happened won’t happen again. We are not sure if Cardi B accepted. She even mentioned Cardi B and her team in the apology post. Check out what she said below.

“We lost the appeal against Cardi B sad day,” she wrote. “But I’m gonna be alright. I appreciate all your love [and] support. Throughout this fight. Today we throw in the white flag. What happened will never happen again. To Cardi [and] her team, I apologize sincere. We live and learn.”

A fresh report has surfaced online showing Tasha K must pay Cardi B for her damages, or her property will be seized. According to new court documents, Judge William M. Ray II, notes Tasha K’s property can be seized to recover the $3,868,753.47 Cardi B was awarded after winning the suit in 2022.

There is a prove that Tasha K has come across the document, which made her say she doesn’t have such amount of money at the money.

If Tasha K did not pay the amount of money ordered by Judge, her property will be seized. Tasha K initially refused to take the defamatory posts down until she was threatened with jail time. She unsuccessfully appealed the verdict last September.